Cloud Hosting FAQ

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Q. We are ready to place an order and start using the hosting services. What do we do next?
A. Simply request a proposal to get started!

Q. What timeframe can we expect from project start to deployment/production, or what should I tell my end customer to expect for a timeframe?
A. Some applications can be up and running within an hour, others may require a more complex implementation strategy. The answer to this depends on how quickly documentation is provided to us, as well as the quality of that documentation. Higher volumes of data migration can also affect implementation timeframes.

Q. What agreement(s) do my end customers need to sign?
A. Only one agreement – a Hosting Services Sales Order (HSSO). Other references to documents like Terms, and Conditions, Service Level Agreements (SLA), etc. are available on the GoIWx website.

Q. Is there a testing/trial period available to us before we go live or to production?
A. This depends upon if you have a service related software package such as CRM, Exchange, and SharePoint or if it’s an ERP product. Pilots are available and the standard rates and fees apply.

Q. Do I have to deal with two companies for ongoing support once we are live on the GoIWx system?
A. The partner who sold and implemented your solution is still your Trusted Adviser for both support and all application-related requests and answers. Your existing process for support with that partner does not have to change. In the event you need technology-related support during business or non-business hours, you can call or email us directly; GoIWx will always inform your business partner of the support we provide your company.

Q. It’s during or after normal business hours and I can’t login to our hosted system. What can I do to get help?
A. If you are using a non-Internet based application such as RPD desktop, try connecting to the Internet, VPN or PTP from your device. If a connection cannot be made, then immediately call our Customer Care line at 952.258.6333. Again, if you have an application-related issue, we will do our best to contact your business partner for support once you have successfully logged into the system.

Q. We have an existing Internet connection. Will we need to get a PTP, VPN or T-1 directly to GoIWx?
A. As long as your Internet connection has sufficient bandwidth, you will not need a dedicated circuit for bandwidth. If required, a VPN can be pinned up between your location and GoIWx for increased security. Usually, the Internet will be an adequate solution for connecting to the hosted environment.

Q. Our company owns software that is going to be hosted, and we will be renting software also. What do we do with our existing software? How do we get the rented software?
A. Customer-owned software is referred to as Managed software. When transferring, you will need to send all the media, keys and serial numbers to GoIWx. There is nothing to do for the rented software licensing, as it covered in the monthly hosting fees charged to you by your business partner. If the hosted agreement is terminated, all of the Managed software will be returned. The rented licenses will come to an end, as the customer has no ownership over the rented licenses.

Q. What is the availability of test environments for upgrades or testing new applications? Do we pay double licensing? Are there additional fees?
A. Additional fees can apply but are based purely on the software’s ability to run multi-tenant. If the software limits the use to a single tenant, then there is a month-to-month fee of up to $495.00 for each additional test environment. This fee does not require additional agreements. However, there are restrictions to the duration of test environments which are based on the scope of the testing requirements. Additionally, if simple testing requirements are needed, such as a sample database, this is covered under your HSSO agreement, as long as it is just a copy on an existing database.

Q. Can I install software and customize application and configurations on the server(s)? Do I have the ability to do server-side activities?
A. The answer is yes. We are able to provide business partner with as much or as little control over end-customer environments as possible. The level of administration into the environment will have a direct impact on the uptime promise. Our uptime promise starts at 99.9% and can change to 99%.

Q. As a partner, our clients are on your servers, we want to be able to login and handle support for them, how are administrator licenses handled? Do we pay for those, or are they included with our installation fees? Does it matter if they are SPLA or Managed?
A. As part as of the Partner Agreement your business partner signed with GoIWx, they are provided administrators rights into the end-customer’s environment to satisfy server-side requirements. Managed or rented licensing has no bearing on the ability of the business partner to administer accounts.

Q. Additional “Support Enhancement Plans;” how are these handled in the SPLA environments? What are they, what do they include and how much do they cost? If the customer is interested in the Standard B Microsoft one-hour support, is it offered in the price?
A. With the rented license model (SPLA), all SA (Software Assurance) is included. It is up to the business partner and the end customer to decide when to upgrade to new versions. This does not, however, include any support directly from Microsoft or business partners.

Q. Migrating over legacy data. Who migrates End-Customer data? How is this handled?
A. The business partner is the primary resource for data migration. GoIWx provides different mechanisms for uploading data via SharePoint, FTP, IIS, etc.; however, the responsibility of the data migration is that of the business partner and the end customer.

Q. What is considered adequate bandwidth/connection?
A. It all depends on the nature of the application(s), i.e. whether they are browser based or desktop based, as well as the number of users who will be connecting at the same time. Most of the time (excluding OCS/VOIP solutions), a single user connection requires 25 to 35k of bandwidth per-user, per-connection. As stated earlier, bandwidth is very reliable, and most of the time a connection over the public Internet is adequate. Each site is evaluated for the best bandwidth solution, based on application and user requirements.

Q. Is there a customized desktop for each user on your service?
A. Yes and No. The desktop is determined by the Application/User Matrix. It is configured by GoIWx through group policies. Each desktop can be different based on defined roles, but not customized specifically based on a user’s desired configuration.

Q . Is there a limit to what we host in the future?
A . Not Really. The only real limitation is trying to host CAD/CAM type applications. Due to the nature of the file sizes, the refresh rates will not meet acceptable tolerances.

Q – What is the billing process, or how does billing work?
A. It is very simple. Either we bill the end customer directly, or we bill the business partner, and they in turn bill the end customer. We bill monthly, on the first of each month, with terms due upon receipt. In the event of a possible service problem which could possibly lead to a service credit, that credit will be applied to the following month’s billing.

Q . Which applications in the end-customer-hosted environment are deployed first, and how is that determined?
A . This is determined by the types of software that will be installed, and by the business partner and end customer. There is usually a sequence to how multiple applications are loaded into an environment based on the integration to each application. We rely on the business partner and the end customer to provide us with direction as to the proper sequence to load the software.

Q. Is the software Assurance (SA) fee included in our SPLA License?
A. Yes

Q. Does GoIWx stay in contact with the business partner throughout the entire process?
A. Yes. In each step, the GoIWx Project Manager will be available. We will develop a strategy before the implementation process, including timelines and mutual expectations, to insure a timely completion.

Q. What happens after we’re on board?
A.It’s business as usual, but now from anywhere at any time. There may be some issues that could possibly arise, like printer access or forgotten passwords, but for the most part business continuity is maintained. As stated earlier, support for technology-related issues is now available 24/7, and support for application-related issues is available based on the business partner’s policies.

Q. In the SPLA model, who does the installations, the business partner or GoIWx?
A. Whether Managed or SPLA software, both the business partner and GoIWx do the installations together for all applications.