Code of Conduct

Personal Respect, Honesty and Integrity…

As an employee or a person representing GoIWx, we are asked at all times to follow the GoIWx Honor Code. This commitment governs every aspect of our conduct at the office, client sites, and company-sponsored events.

Code of Conduct

1. We will do our best to recognize the positive power and negative power of words. As best we can, we will refrain from using belittling or degrading language. We understand that what a person sows, so to person can reap.
In keeping with this, we are encouraged to:

  • Speak positively.
  • Think positively.
  • Avoid gossip.
  • Not complain, criticize, or condemn.

2. We are quick to listen and slow to speak.

3. We strive to be champions, because champions are top producers. People like to be near champions. So we must behave like champions, act like champions, walk like champions, and talk like champions.

4. We will do our best to maintain high standards of courtesy and kindness.

5. We will not lie, cheat or steal. We are not only expected to personally adhere to this Honor Code, but also to promote and encourage it among our peers.

6. We will not take unfair advantage of the opportunities given to us by GoIWx, our peers, clients, or business partners.

7. We will strive to be the very best person we can, understanding that people are not always only interested in what we say, but how we conduct ourselves as GoIWx employees.

8. We will never use GoIWx’s internet access and or e-mail system to view pornographic or inappropriate materials.

9. We will do our part to maintain an encouraging environment, with daily “hellos, thank-yous, can we help yous” and other random acts of kindness towards our peers, customers, and vendors.

10. We will never ingest alcohol or unlawful drugs while representing GoIWx.