Cost Comparison

Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

Everyone is talking about the Cloud. Analysts, bloggers, developers, and colleagues say the Cloud is a lower cost alternative for business. Is it?

cost comparisonHow does the Cloud compare with other solutions like Premise? Collocation? Managed Services? What is the real cost benefit of the Cloud? What makes it so cost-efficient? How would a move to the Cloud impact per-user, per month costs, especially if my organization has already invested in ERP software?

To clear up the confusion, GoIWx has created a simple, straightforward Cost Comparison sheet.  By requesting a Cost Comparison, you’ll be able to better determine if the Cloud truly is a lower cost alternative for your business.

Our Cost Comparison Provides You:

  • An accurate Cost Comparison between Premise and Cloud
  • Detailed per-user per-month Cost Estimate for Your Organization
  • Your own Cost Comparison Spreadsheet to Review and Share
  • A Tool for Comparing Purchased Software and Subscription Pricing
  • Access to an Expert who can Help You Learn more about GoIWx’s Cloud Offerings
  • An Invitation to Sign Up for a Free 30-Day Test Drive
  • Pricing that Fits Your Monthly Budget and Delivers ROI

Who knows, maybe you’ll be a hero, helping your company harness the Cloud to reduce cost and complexity and increase security and availability.

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