Cloud-Hosted Solutions for Non-Profits

healthcare-industry-iconSuccessful management of a non-profit organization requires high-quality service and careful administration of expenses and internal processes. We offer a number of Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud hosting solutions that address the common needs of non-profits. Whether you are looking for improved membership management, accurate and timely reporting, easier access to data, or automated processes that help reduce daily overhead, we’ll help your organization accomplish its goals, leaving more time to focus on your core mission of providing services and value to beneficiaries.

At GoIWx, we understand the importance of offering a customer-centric user experience. Following ITSM best practices, each of our CRM and ERP cloud hosting solutions provides easy access to the software from a secure internet-enabled device; self-service control panels allow you to manage users from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive ERP solution for medium and large-sized organizations. It is built to enhance your ability to operate over multiple locations by consolidating and standardizing processes, helping to improve productivity, providing visibility across your organization, and simplifying compliance procedures. In short, Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to help organizations like non-profits improve operational efficiency.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Non-Profits:

  • Improve project management by streamlining efficiency and productivity
  • Track industry best practices, regulations and standards
  • Provide team members with access to intellectual capital and consolidated project information
  • Manage finances by tracking estimate to actual costs
  • Streamline member and financial information

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help non-profits allocate more time securing grants and performing effective management and less time dealing with technology and processes. This fully integrated ERP cloud hosting solution helps you better manage the four critical elements for non-profit agencies: grants, funding, encumbrances, and commitments. With Dynamics GP, you can easily access and cross-reference data, automate tedious operations and administrative processes, and provide timely reports to run your organization more effectively.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Non-Profits:

  • Access cross-reference data for grants, funding’s, encumbrances and commitments
  • Manage finances to improve production and analyze expenditures against budgets
  • Decrease or prevent overspending with automated warnings
  • Reduce errors and streamline expense reporting
  • Maintain financial and budget integrity

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built to save your non-profit time and money by streamline all budgeting, financial reporting and auditing functions into one integrated and automated ERP cloud-hosted software system. Given its similarity in design and function with Microsoft Vista and Office, NAV is easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement. As the name implies, NAV truly can help your non-profit organization navigate business processes with efficiency and flexibility.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Non-Profits:

  • Streamline budgets, forecasting and financial reviews
  • Fully manage various membership documentation
  • Categorize spending in multiple ways to create a transparent audit trail
  • Capture all documents and attach to any donor, vendor or employee file
  • Utilize the Visio display, design and process-flow capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you’re like many non-profits, you rely on support from a variety of contributors who want to see their donations optimized. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cost-effective constituent management solution that is easy to customize and simple to use. The Microsoft Outlook-based interface helps you bring together pertinent information from various sources into one familiar environment, consolidating your organization’s essential information in one place. Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves constituent insight and management, facilitates collaboration, streamlines business processes, reduces IT costs, and helps improve information security.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Non-Profits:

  • Access information and improve constituent insight and management.
  • Facilitate organization-wide collaboration
  • Comply with various accounting, tax and reporting guidelines
  • Reduce IT costs and improve security.
  • Manage donations and pledges
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