Cloud-Hosted Solutions for Professional Services

professional-services-iconProfessional services firms are expected to accurately estimate projects and complete them in a timely manner. To do this, they must adopt strategic and comprehensive financial, project, and resource management practices. We can help you get there, setting up a comprehensive IT infrastructure that allows your group to share data and work together to make effective decisions.

At GoIWx, we offer a number of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM cloud hosting services to help professional services organizations manage every aspect of business, from customer relationships and projects to process outsourcing and financial management. Each of the products outlined below can help your organization streamline operations and improve the quality of customer interactions, allowing for faster and smarter decision-making.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers project management tools and methods that will help your business proactively organize projects and manage time, equipment, and employees more effectively. With a solution that adapts to the way your company works, you can increase profitability, offer unmatched client service, and accelerate billings, while controlling costs through tighter integration of client and project-related information.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Professional Services Organizations:

  • View client, contract, budget, and project management details to monitor profitability and avoid cost overruns
  • Improve process management by identifying and understanding customer trends
  • Increase profits, provide unsurpassed customer service and accurate billing
  • Improve project management by streamlining efficiency and productivity
  • Track industry best practices, regulations and standards
  • Manage finances by tracking estimates to actual costs

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Tracking and managing all aspects of a project or contract is one of the greatest challenges in the professional services industry. Poor management of resources creates inefficiency and reduces profitability. Our ERP cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP solution will help you improve operational efficiency with business tools to access decision-driving information, realize a rapid return on investment, and focus on dedicated customer service.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Professional Services Organizations:

  • Control contracts, jobs, and projects from initial quote to final billing
  • Meet scheduled deadlines with a complete and accurate picture of project status
  • Enter, edit, and approve detailed time and expense transactions when they happen
  • Manage teams using Web-based collaboration tools and communication portals
  • Automate business processes to track activities budgets and costs
  • Create, update, and modify all required reports and forms

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Professional services firms are always looking for ways to improve customer loyalty while increasing profitability. Our cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM service will help your company better allocate time and resources by gaining visibility into customer interactions and improving how you find, communicate, and share information.

Microsoft CRM allows you to provide employees with up-to-date information about resources and their availability; you can also integrate CRM data with existing systems to quickly address project changes and meet customer time and budget requirements.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services Organizations:

  • Provide collaborative tools and a centralized repository for documents and CRM data
  • Gain a true 360-degree view of your customer to improve loyalty and satisfaction
  • Identify your most profitable clients so you can offer them the very best service
  • Track activities, tasks, and expenditures, and associate them with specific projects
  • Create personal, workgroup, departmental, or federated workflows to automate common tasks
  • Measure the ROI of your marketing efforts with accuracy
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