Cloud-Hosted Solutions for Retail

retail-industry-iconThe retail industry is full of is detail and complexity. Retail professionals have to reduce inventory investment while improving in-stock positions, increase customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs while expanding to multiple channels. Add to these demands the need to consolidate acquisitions, fight off encroaching competition, and it is clear that retail requires advanced business software solutions. Microsoft Dynamics ERP software is designed to handle the complex business of retail, providing integrated solutions can be deployed quickly, without complicated customization or drawn-out implementations.

At GoIWx, we understand the importance of offering a customer-centric user experience. Following ITSM best practices, each of our ERP cloud hosting solutions provides easy access to the software from a secure internet-enabled device; self-service control panels allow you to manage users from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Technology has given retailers more channels to reach their customers and grow globally, but it has also given consumers access to more information and choice – forcing retailers to leverage IT in an entirely different way to drive visibility, seize new opportunities, and build customer loyalty. In this fast-moving environment, retailers must find new ways to empower their people to create a truly connected experience.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a powerful end-to-end retail solution that delivers real-time visibility to critical data and complete central control of all critical activity at the retail stores. The software helps retailers gain insight into customer behavior and use it to optimize the whole chain of operations, from sales to supply and distribution.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Professionals:

  • Integrate retail channels with online marketplaces and stores
  • Identify trends and offer personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data
  • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons, and more via social sites
  • Replenish orders seamlessly across any channel, based on strategy or need
  • Optimize supply, demand and distribution
  • Maximize Point-of-Sale, customer shopping behaviors, merchandising and management

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Improve your business operations and financial management with the combination of Microsoft Dynamics GP, a full-featured financial and business management solution, and Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), a sophisticated yet affordable point-of-sale software package that helps retailers to better track inventory and key customer service metrics.

Together, these two products provide an end-to-end integrated solution that feeds customer, inventory, sales, and supplier data from multiple stores into your back-end business management system.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Retail Professionals:

  • Track inventory received from purchase orders at individual stores
  • Update inventory data automatically
  • Eliminate double entry of payouts, overages or shortages, and surcharges
  • Manage customer payments, inventory receipts, and sales transactions
  • Export reports to Excel for decision support analysis
  • Automate purchase order processing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, retailers are able to streamline customer interface and back-office operations by tightly integrating the two. NAV allows your team to deliver exceptional customer service, lower inventory costs, improve margins, and increase revenues. Delivered through a global network of channel partners, this flexible system integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office to speed user adaption and improve processes across your entire business.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Retail Professionals:

  • Keep transaction details for cross-selling opportunities and warranty information
  • Collect customer data through POS
  • Reduce inventory levels with automatic ordering
  • Adjust products sold according to what customers buy
  • Increase sales by suggesting products similar what is being purchased
  • Check prices and stock instantly with hand-held scanners
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