SPLA vs Managed Licenses FAQ

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Q. I recently purchased licenses and I want to go hosted. Can I use the licenses I purchased, or can I only use them locally?
A. Yes, you can use the licenses. Your licenses would be called “Managed Licenses.” The licenses can be used if you can provide the appropriate and required license documentation to GoIWx.

Q. What is the difference between the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program and existing Volume Licensing programs?
A. The SPLA program is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that provides third-party license use rights. It is designed specifically for services providers who want to offer one-stop, full-service solutions to their customers. Existing Volume Licensing programs are for internal use only.

Q. What is the difference between a services provider that offers application services and a services provider that acts as an outsourcer?
A. The main difference is the way each is licensed: The application services provider (ASP) is the licensee of the software, and the outsourcer is not. Application services providers operate under the SPLA, which means they are the licensee of the software and can provide access to and use of the software to one or more customers for a monthly fee. If a services provider is hosting applications for a Select License, an Enterprise Agreement, or an Open License customer, the customer is the licensee, and the services provider does not have the right to use the software for any purpose other than to host the software.

Q. I am an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who provides applications to my customers as a service. Can I use embedded original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or ISV licenses?
A. No. Microsoft OEM and ISV embedded licenses – along with other retail and volume licensing programs – do not allow for hosting or provide any commercial-use rights. ISVs that want to provide services by using Microsoft software should sign up for the SPLA program.

Q. Will SPLA program prices change?
A. Microsoft may decrease prices at any time. However, prices can be increased only once each calendar year, in January.

Q. How do I order and pay for services provider licenses?
A. Ordering and paying for services provider licenses is easy, and there are no up-front costs. Each month, you submit a report to your designated SPLA reseller that lists the product licenses you made available to end customers during the preceding month. You then receive an invoice for each license reported.

Q. Are there any up-front fees to sign the SPLA?
A. No. There are no up-front program fees associated with signing the SPLA, but services providers must be Microsoft Certified Partners or Registered Members of the Microsoft Partner Program and enrolled in the Microsoft Hosting Program.

Q. Is there a minimum monthly license requirement for the SPLA program?
A. No. There is no minimum monthly license requirement. However, SPLA licensees that did not provide any licenses to an end customer in a given month must submit a zero license use report for that month. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate an agreement after six consecutive months of zero license use reports.

Q. Where can I find the prices for products available through the SPLA program?
A. Contact us. As a SPLA reseller, GoIWx can provide you with product pricing information.

Q. Where do services providers who are participating in the SPLA program obtain media?
A. GoIWx can order media through Microsoft.